Entry #4

By Light's Cold Fury

2007-08-03 10:28:24 by Tremour

We remain here, stricken by a deep and irrevocable malice, our perception held in the bonds of mortal enmity, whilst our hearts and souls resonate to an orchestra of malignant fury.

The time of reckoning has come to our door, yet we attempt to hold its omniscient gaze from ourselves by continually peddling our own fears and egotistical sense of self worth. We do this by appealing ourselves to the greater masses, holding steadfast and pretending that the rage of the outside world would not dare penetrate our final retreat. The respite you and your heedless cronies so dearly crave has come to an end, the hand of that which you staved for so long has finally shattered your moral contentment and streched forth its clamy fingers to reclaim the social inequalities that we have brought upon our own distrusting selves. We can no longer refuse to regard the cryptic auspice that has been shone in our faces for longer than the moon wanes. Our misdeeds will cost us dear as we attempt to crawl from the graves that we have so fruitlessly dug for the duration of our inadequete existence.

The enemy sits in his tower with a grin most foul, contemplating further seasonings that would have those of pure mind sent to ruination. It is to this end that the righteous must stand tall and let loose the cry of battle. We can no longer sit upon our fears and judgements with a nonchalant attitude towards the fate of our social biosphere. We must rise through smoke and flame to temper the sword of justice with the hammer of freedom. Can we truely allow this adversary of scrupulous men to continue his misconduct without a word of reprise set against his foul propaganda ? I say this is no option, lest we wish to lose to the tides of woe all that we hold dear in our hearts and minds.

The time has come to accost his battlements, let him hear from across the celestial plains the cry of the righteous, as we roar in a unified fury to the sound of ethereal trumpets heralding a new age of liberation and freedom. We must not falter as we rush headstrong towards the armies of the fallen, as they brandish the villainous tools of deceit and distrust.

It is time that we reclaimed this world, this Earth. Set free our souls as all that was once terrible is washed away in a flood of divine justice. The dream is not yet lost, we can still make an effort to this effect, and we must do so with a gusto of strong intent. Let us shed the shackles that have held us for so long, and pass the horizon into a new age of Godly wonders.


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2007-08-03 16:24:47

Oops, sorry, I meant to say: nicely written, WTF ARE YOU ON ABOUT YOU LOON


2007-08-03 16:27:26

Ooops, no, what I meant say was "What an exquisite piece of prose, polished to perfection with a burnishing spoon, glazed with a light copper mix to enhance the beauty of the substance below" LOL ARSE


2007-08-03 16:28:24

No actually I'm going to go back to my original opinion of 'FUCK YOU LOL', is that OK with you? I do hope so.

Tremour responds:



2007-08-03 16:39:04

God I love your blog entries.....They are always so thought provoking, mature, and a refreshing break from everything else.....

*looks at Denvish's comments*

Um, I mean, fuck you. :-)


2007-08-12 00:38:40

Your posts are totally awesome.

Also fuck you.


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2007-10-04 17:20:36

Just for the record i've been good on the bbs


2007-10-07 06:45:53

It's weird to see something so nicely written somewhere on THIS site.


2007-10-15 01:15:55

Meh, watchoo gonna do.
Indiference lies in the heart of modern men, we have faltered upon today and tomorrow. Death is the ultimate frontier, as all else is expected and futile in both purpose and meaning.


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2007-11-16 21:43:04

omgod that is the most fagotemo photo i have ever seen. it's good. but ultimately faggotemo.


2008-03-03 10:41:12

Pardon me, do you have any gray poupon?