Aura Wars

2007-07-19 13:38:09 by Tremour

I think it's time that we put an end to these overtly asinine little dears.

I'm not usually one to quash enjoyment on the BBS, in fact I'd probably consider myself one of the more lenient mods and if you could only glimpse my ban list, you'd know it. I like to see users having fun, even if it isn't to my particular taste, because after all this is only an internet forum at the end of the day, and what else are we here for if not some degree of amusement (Literary fellatio might serve as a reason, also)?

But seriously, kids, you're taking the piss out of this whole aura thing. In the span of circa 48 hours you've put it through the washer so many times that its amusement level has shrunk to nigh-on-nothing.

I understand that it might be fun to divide yourself up in to little camps, even if I don't see the joy in it, but when aura topics cover the entire front page and people start becoming seriously hostile to users with different coloured pixels behind their icon - then we have a problem. Equally irksome is the current amount of topics with the sole purpose of complaining about aforementioned aura problems.

So for the sake of my sanity - and anyone else with a sliver of sense - I honest to God implore you, shut the fuck up about auras. Because I'm ready to start banning for this shit.

LOVE YOU ALL KEKEKEKE ^________________^


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2007-07-19 13:45:13

Do it. Do it for the love of humanity.
You'll be my favorite mod if you do.


2007-07-19 14:44:05

Your mom will die in the next seven days if you do not post this in the other NG users profiles.

(Updated ) Tremour responds:

Fuck off you twat.


2007-07-19 20:08:51

It'd be cool if auras actually meant something. I have a light aura cause I give people who put effort into their animations/games a high score.

But I guess i'm the only one who makes the voting/aura connection anymore :C


2007-07-19 22:02:29

People are complaining about auras? Didn't even notice :\ More stuff in the portal deserves a blam than a save, so auras shouldn't mean anything anyway.


2007-07-19 22:09:06


I agree Tremour.

Just hang in there'll die down. :-)


2007-07-20 19:35:18

Says the guy who's automatically grouped in the gold/yellow aura gang. Shit, you even have your own forums, ban sticks and deleting powers. You guys have just taken it too far.


Fucking Aura 'wars', as soon as i logged onto the BBS i wanted to leave. FAB this Evil that Light this. Faggotry. I was on the verge of asking someone to ban me before i said something about it. But my judgement came back. and i logged off instead.


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